Last October 20th, the 10th Supply Chain Leadership Forum took place, organized by the CSCMP Spain Roundtable (Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals), which main focus was “Transforming Supply Chains for New World Scenarios”.

This edition took place in DFactory and gathered over 60 supply chain professionals. DFactory is a center to boost the transformation and support companies to become industries 4.0.

Hernán Vázquez, CSCMP Spain Roundtable President, welcomed everyone by introducing the Board Team and shared the value that CSCMP brings as an educational global network and research for Supply Chain professionals and students who are part of the CSCMP from all over the world as well as to obtain the CSCMP SCPro™ Certification. He also highlighted the Mentorship Program which consists of a unique opportunity to have a Mentor or Mentoring a Supply Chain Professional worldwide.

Iván Martínez, our Programs Board Member moderated the event and introduced the first session which was presented by Mark S. Baxa, CSCMP President & CEO from FerniaCreek LLC, with the title “The Supply Chain Challenge”. Mark explained the need to create a competitive advantage through collaboration which is the highest challenge while the risks are mitigated. Mark explained the important points that companies need to work on in order to be successful companies in the future.

The second presentation was “Delivery Tracker end to end” by Guadalupe Gros from Henkel MENA. Guadalupe introduced the challenges that companies face in a region like the Middle East and Africa to move their business from Production sites to the customers. She emphasized the importance of understanding and dealing with multicultural differences. Then she addressed the need to simplify imports/exports documentation process and the solution implemented by her team to manage and solve the issues by digitisation the information in a cloud base tool.

The third conference of the day was presented by David Castilla, CoE BPM for Logistics Control Tower and Digital Logistics at Akzonobel, speaking about the “Supply Chain Transformation Journey, People, Process & Technology”

David shared with the audience how a big Supply Chain transformation Journey is approached in a big and multinational company. He also explained how to drive a real roadmap with the different transformation phases, and the relevance of the processes visibility step and he specially addressed the importance of people’s processes adoption to become the “Game Changers” of the organization. “Ensure our team adopts the new culture is crucial” and then combine with “Value added by Technology and innovation”. He also emphasized that “the supply chain of today is not the supply chain of tomorrow”. All this is the main formula he shared to get success. Also, he mentioned that a good combination of internal talent and support from outside the organization is a key factor, and the balance between both depends on the organizational culture.

Guillermina Rodríguez invited all CSCMP Spain Board and Speakers to the stage to close the event with special recognitions of Miquel Serracanta founder of CSCMP Spain Roundtable and Hernán Vázquez, both for leading and participating in the organization of the last  10 SCLForums. She also highlighted the participation of the team and the new Board Members Marina Moreno in Madrid and Gaston Galizzi in Barcelona.

CSCMP brings the opportunity to network with highly qualified professional executives and to learn about Supply Chain global trends. We invite you to follow up on insights and events on the different CSCMP Spain Social Media Channels to keep networking and learning from a Global Supply Chain association.

Save the date next June 8th and 9th 2023 for the CSCMP European Event to be hosted in Barcelona.


The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) is the world’s leading association for supply chain professionals. Based in the U.S. with a presence in all continents (71 countries) and Roundtables distributed among the world (8 in Europe), it’s dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of research and knowledge about Supply Chain

The CSCMP Roundtable of Spain was re-established in May 2010 and dedicates its activities and programs to provide the best possible experience to professionals in supply chain management and offers, throughout the year, educational programs and structured networking opportunities to facilitate interconnection between the sectors representing the supply chain. This, in turn, encourages collaboration and, ultimately, forms an unbreakable connection between the participants, the organization, and the industry.

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