Miquel Serracanta’s appointment as International Roundtable Peer Group Advisor

Miquel Serracanta, Past President of Spain Roundtable has been named as International Roundtable Peer Group Advisor by Rick

Blasgen, CEO & President of CSCMP. Miquel will oversee and guide the international roundtables leaders to ensure global CSCMP strategic initiatives are implemented in all countries, with a main focus on European roundtable development in 2018.
Main goal will be to develop a successful global/local approach to increase CSCMP brand recognition in all countries and propose regional initiatives/projects/events/others for each region, as well as having leaders discussing challenges and best practices amongst themselves and generate new ideas for CSCMP growth & development. 

Miquel Serracanta will be the single point of contact of each Roundtable President with CSCMP Headquarter & viceversa when talking about projects/initiatives that may affect more than one country (ie: European Conference, Events co-organized by several countres, specific local education requirements, etc.). Finally he will support on new roundtable development in Europe, Asia and Latin America continents.