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  • Networking Event: Digital Supply Chain 18 May, 2019 Juan Ramón Pérez   Last May 14th, the CSCMP Spanish Roundtable held a Supply Chain Networking Event called “Digital Supply Chain” where, Guillermina Rodríguez, actual Roundtable President, opened the event presenting CSCMP “Council of Supply Chain Management” with the exclusive participation of two members from CSCMP Chicago Roundtable, T.J. Shaefer and Susie Bodnar. First presentation was “Enabling Global End To End Advance Visibility” with T.J Shaefer PhD – VP of Global Carrier Network Partnerships at project44 and CSCMP Chicago Sister RT Liaison. In his presentation, T.J. stated that all enterprises are demanding better supply chain visibility and that this has become a core part of ... Read more
  • Networking en Supply Chain: La llave para el desarrollo de tu carrera profesional 14 July, 2018 adminEste pasado 11 de Juli­­­o de 2018 el CSCMP Spain Rountable presentó, en colaboración con EAE Business School, una mesa redonda bajo el título “Networking en Supply Chain: La llave para el desarrollo de tu carrera profesional” abordando las claves esenciales para un lograr un networking efectivo, natural y profesional en un panel compuesto por: Moderadora: Guillermina Rodriguez (CSCMP Spain Roundtable President) Miquel Serracanta (International CSCMP Advisor, Director Masters SC EAE) Anahi Arza (CSCMP Spain Young Professional Chair) Deanna Hellman (Exec. Careeer Coach, Mgr.Prof.Serv. Lee Hatch Harrison) Ivan Martínez (Supply Chain Director at Bruneau-PickingPack) Tomas Colonel (Estudiante Master Supply Chain FT, EAE Business School) El evento arrancó ... Read more
  • Networking en Supply Chain: La llave para el desarrollo de tu carrera profesional 26 June, 2018 adminLugar:  EAE Business School Barcelona Aragó 55, Barcelona Fecha:  11 de Julio a las 18:30 hrs  Descubre el potencial del desarrollo del Networking para ampliar tus conocimientos, conectar con gurus de tus intereses profesionales, crear centros de información y conectar con networkers en Supply Chain. El arte de conectar con Mentores. El networking parece una actividad muy compleja, y muchas veces no está en las prioridades para los ejecutivos, managers y mucho menos para los recién titulados. Una vez uno se da cuenta de la realidad de nuestro mercado, valora la verdadera importancia del mismo. El 80% de posiciones se cubren sin realizar un anuncio/publicación ... Read more
  • CSCMP  & NASSTRAC Announce Formal Strategic Partnership 3 June, 2018 admin             Lombard, Illinois USA (May 29, 2018) – The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) and the National Shippers Strategic Transportation Council (NASSTRAC) are pleased to announce that they will be formally joining together in partnership. Over the past few years, the groups have been working together on a variety of projects and discovered there are significant synergies between two associations and opportunities to complement one another and provide additional value to their members in very meaningful ways. CSCMP is the leading supply chain association committed to advancing, educating and connecting supply chain management professionals.  Lead by President and CEO Rick Blasgen, ... Read more
  • Announcement from CSCMP Headquarters. Chicago – Apr 5th, 2018 8 April, 2018 adminMiquel Serracanta’s appointment as International Roundtable Peer Group Advisor Miquel Serracanta, Past President of Spain Roundtable has been named as International Roundtable Peer Group Advisor by Rick Blasgen, CEO & President of CSCMP. Miquel will oversee and guide the international roundtables leaders to ensure global CSCMP strategic initiatives are implemented in all countries, with a main focus on European roundtable development in 2018. Main goal will be to develop a successful global/local approach to increase CSCMP brand recognition in all countries and propose regional initiatives/projects/events/others for each region, as well as having leaders discussing challenges and best practices amongst themselves and generate ... Read more
  • Radical new sources vital for Supply Chain continuity 13 March, 2018 admin To make sure your supply chain will remain in the best possible shape, it is vital to hire, train, retain and commit the best possible people for the positions you have or will have. Most organizations have set up one or more routes to hire the best candidates. The danger, however, is that we keep looking for these crucial talents in the same spots we’ve been looking for them for years and years. Are you sure that the sources you have now are delivering optimal candidates? And what will that situation be in 5 years?  Over the years the quality of ... Read more
  • 4 Ways Blockchain Will Change Supply Chain Forever 13 March, 2018 admin The supply chain industry isn’t known for being a first adopter – it’s still learning to use data, leverage mobile devices and take advantage of the sharing economy. This might be changing though. Last week, eft attended the CSCMP Benelux organized “Blockchain for Transport & Logistics: Hype or Opportunity?” conference, and one thing is for sure, the technology is making waves. With only around 50 attendees expected, the 125 person turnout with participants ranging from Amazon to PwC, was beyond expectation. In addition, the message was clear: Supply Chain is ready to get on-board with blockchain  What is blockchain? We’ve really entered the ... Read more
  • Big Data the Driver for Success in Logistics 13 March, 2018 admin What is the common success factor between a major semiconductor manufacturer, a global logistics provider, a high-profit cargo airline and the biggest courier in one of the fastest growing EU member – countries? Big data! NXP, Brussels Airlines, Speedy and Transmetrics presented their success stories during an exciting conference organized at Vlerick Business School. Information is one of the three main flows within every supply chain. Nowadays the information flow is mostly represented by data exchanged between different supply chain technology systems. Growth in the amount of data exchanged, usage of integrated supply chain systems and success in the logistics industry ... Read more
  • Event Report Annual CSCMP Spain Conference 13 March, 2018 adminnews Supply Chain executives of leading companies learn together in the 4th Edition of Supply Chain Leadership Forum, organized by CSCMP Spain On May 19th, organized by CSCMP (Council of Supply Chain Leadership Professionals) Spain Roundtable the 4th Supply Chain Leadership Forum was held, which in this time was aimed to share how Supply Chains add value to its customers, “Enabling Customer -driven Supply Chains”. This fourth edition brought together more than 150 executives and Supply Chain professionals, representing more than 92 leading companies in over 24 different markets. Professionals from 15 countries, including Andorra, Austria, United States, Netherlands, Italy, United Kingdom and ... Read more
  • CSCMP Introduces Digital Membership 13 March, 2018 admin CSCMP is proud to offer a new type of Digital Membership in the Benelux, which provides the full CSCMP experience with a more light approach. Some of the differences with the regular membership are online access to the Supply Chain Quarterly (opposed to the hardcopy for regular members) and no discount for the Annual CSCMP Conference. However, Digital Membership still qualifies for discounted admission to local Benelux events. Based on feedback from Benelux Professionals there is a demand for this new membership, which will sell for $175 (versus $325 for regular membership).  To introduce the new membership we offer a special ... Read more